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Pole Pride Performers Work Testimonials

The Pole Pride Performers have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people. Below are some testimonials from just a few of the people we have worked with.


"The ladies of Pole Pride were a most welcome addition to The Rock Show in December 2011, & their skills were simply jaw-dropping. The girls were utterly professional, totally charming & to say that they entertained all in attandance would be *WAY* understating their contributions. These super-sexy chicks are a delight, visually & on a regular "how's it going" basis. POLE PRIDE FOREVER! \m/"

Big Jim, DJ of The Rock Show ( www.therockshow.co.uk )


"I honestly cannot begin to express how amazing it was to work with the ladies at Pole Pride Swansea, They were so helpful, Hard working, excellent fun to work with but at the same time very professional, They are incredible at what they do and do it with passion and confidence. I really cannot recommend them enough, I hope to work with you wonderful ladies again soon in the near future. Thank-you."

Alastair Jenkins, Musician with Hangmen ( www.soundcloud.com/hangmen )


"Cariad Cwtch's acts never fail to astound the audience both in the creativity and downright impossible gymnastics. Dawn/Cariad had the audience gasping and asking, 'How did she do that?' as her peacock casually hung upside-down and unfurled it's tail. Always a pleasure to work with this performer, she's definitely one of the best and we'll be booking her again for Bluestocking Lounge!"

Lilly Laudanum, Bluestocking Lounge Burlesque ( www.bluestockinglounge.com )


"I recently did a Music Video shoot for Psycho Kiss, one of the up and coming metal bands gracing the South Wales music scene, The location was a dance studio/fitness studio namely Circadian Fitness Dance Studio, Swansea which is owned and run by Dawn Roberts. The brief for the video shoot was to make it look a bit olde world and by the way we have a couple of Pole Dancers booked, Oh No! was my initial reaction. To say a surprise was in stall for me was an understatement, no sleaze here, I was greeted by the band and Dawn who helped get the gear up several flights of stairs and into the most magnificent room I've been in for ages, Oak paneling adorned the walls and a beautiful period balcony simply perched at one end. Absolutely stunning location..... My initial fears of the dancers were quickly dispelled as I was introduced to two of Dawns students from Pole Pride Performers, Kat Jennings and Mika Ireste, after chatting with all three girls I knew just how good a teacher Dawn was, simply the love, affection and admiration shown by the two dancers, this was enough to convince me that they all knew what they were doing and pole dancing is an artful form of extreme exercise requiring great skill and fitness. The shoot was fantastic, the band were entertaining but Dawn, Kat and Mika helped the day flow, nothing was too much trouble even making umpteen cups of coffee for us all, Dawn was a pleasure to work with and I hope our new found friendship will span the years."

John Mitchell, Videographer/Photographer