"I always knew she'd end up doing something where she could be bossy!"

My mum

"How many 69 year olds can say they had a Pole Dancing party for their birthday present? Fantastic. Great time."

The fabulous Marian, who I was honoured to teach at her 69th birthday party

"An amazing start to a 21st birthday. Full of bruises and aches! Wonderful night, do it again any time."

"The blisters are worth it! Fantastic time. Thanks!"

"Thanks, the pain was surprisingly fun!"

"The 'Bad Romance' with the pole! Rama ahaha, Gaga ooh lala! Love love love!!"

Kim, Abi, Cara, Naomi and Bridget, 21st birthday party

"Thank you sooo much - we had such a good laugh and a good time - it was fantastic!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was great fun and you explained everything so well! 4 more people hooked on pole dancing!"

"Thank you so much for an excellent afternoon. We have had a fantastic time."

Lana, Rea and Sue, 69th birthday party

"We all had a fab time - went too quickly. Suited all ages and abilities even for the oldies! Laughed lots - excellent! Would recommend to friends."

Anne, 18th birthday party attendee

"A fun girlie afternoon. Perfect for a hen party. Lots of laughs."

Amy, Hen party attendee

"I loved it so much!! The teaching was great and you made it a fantastic fun afternoon - I want a pole!!"

Carrie, Hen party attendee

"Perfect for my hen party! Thank you."

Carol, Hen party attendee

"I want a pole now. Loved it."

Hannah, Hen party attendee

"Was so much fun! I now love poles! Thanks!"

Johannah, Hen party attendee

"A brilliant activity for a hen group. Really enjoyed."

Jane, Hen party attendee

"I hurt A LOT...but brilliant fun, definitely recommended!"

Kat, Hen party attendee

"Thanks for a great time. Haven't enjoyed having something hard between my legs for ages!"

Stephanie, Hen party attendee and self confessed frustrated housewife!

"Amazing instructor, what you can't do on a pole isn't worth doing! Really good fun!."

Claire, Pole Fitness class member

"Fab instructor! Really hard but good fun."

Leanne, Pole Fitness class member

"Not as easy as it looks but is so much fun."

Louise, Pole Fitness class member

"Oh my god I have never had so many bruises!! But it has been worth it, what a laugh, thanks!"

Zoe, Pole Fitness class member

"Good work out, really fun. Painful but worth it! Can't wait for next week."

Sarah, Pole Fitness class member

"Lots of fun and a fab way to keep fit & be sexy at the same time! Plus we get to dress up!!"

Cat (who loves the legwarmers and Fame look!), Pole Fitness class member

"Love it! Harder than you think but great fun."

Wendy, Pole Fitness class member

"So much fun - perfect start to a night out and a great workout too."

"Great time and really hard work! Good fun."

"Fantastic and a really hard workout."

Lee and Claire, Hen Party attendees

"Pole Dancing was great fun. Dawn is an attentive and motivating teacher who added an extra level of enjoyment to the experience. A great way to discover muscles you never knew you had!"

Charis J, Pole Fitness participant

"Loved it. Can't wait until next week."

Linzi, Pole Fitness participant

"Fantastic! Really enjoyed."

Lesley S, Pole Fitness participant

"Thanks Dawn, that was really great - especially the encouragement & swapping arms. Sign me up!"

Emma J, Pole Fitness participant

"What an awesome class! Great balance of dance, cardio & strength. Enjoyed it so much & can't wait to come back!"

Jamila, Pole Fitness participant

"Sessions with Dawn are always fun. She communicates with enthusiasm and has encouraged me to try activities I previously thought were not for me. I now feel healthier, have more energy and with Dawn's continued support I am on my way to achieving my goals."

Deryl, PT client