What should I wear?

Something comfortable that allows movement. I suggest a vest or t-shirt top and a pair of shorts. You can wear loose trousers over these if you are feeling a little exposed. For footwear, feel free to wear trainers or dance shoes, although you may go barefoot or wear socks if you prefer.


What not to wear!

VERY IMPORTANT: No body oils, body lotions, moisturisers, hand lotions or oils of any sort to be used before a class. It will make the poles slippery and may cause an accident for you or someone else using the pole. Rings, necklaces and hand/wrist jewellery of any sort should not be worn as they scratch the poles and may cause you injury.


I'm scared! What will happen in class?

You will be asked to fill out a Par-Q form before your first session so that I am aware of any medical conditions you may have. You will then take part in a warm up before moving on to the poles, and that's when the fun really begins! Depending on which level/class you are in you will work on spins, tricks, transitions and dance.


Can I come and look around/have a tour of the studio before I book a session?

Please understand that we run a very busy studio and when we are here we are teaching and cannot stop class to show you around. If you are not sure you would like to book a course then please book into one of our Taster sessions. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have by either phone or email but will not be able to show you around the premises due to work commitments.


Is there an age limit?

You must be 18 to attend a class. There is no upper age limit however, and I have had sessions with many older ladies, including a birthday party for an amazing sprightly 69 year old, and a session for the WI where the eldest person was in her 80's!


I don't have childcare. Can I bring my child/children to the studio?

No. We have a strict over 18 policy on the studio for several reasons, among these being that the studio is a Grade II listed building and has lots of glass panes at child height so is not child safe, that you will not be able to fully concentrate on your session if your child is present, and also that other people who have paid to attend the session may not be happy with the distraction that your child causes. Please ensure you have childcare before signing up to our sessions.


Are there any conditions that will prevent me from attending Pole class?

Yes. As pole dance is a strenuous activity you must be fit and well to attend. Certain conditions would mean that you are unable to attend class. These conditions include:

  • Joint disorders
  • Spinal injuries and whiplash
  • Any contagious illnesses - please do not put your fellow students and instructor at risk!
  • Strains and sprains - heal first, pole later!

    Are there any medications that will prevent me from attending Pole class?

    Yes. You should not attend class if you are taking the following medication:

    • IVF Treatment
    • Muscle relaxants
    • Any medication which may make you drowsy

      Can I just turn up to a class without booking?

      No. There is limited space in class and booking is essential. I do have a Drop-In option for class, but this is dependant on if there is space available in the class you wish to attend. You MUST call to check that there is space before you turn up as you will be turned away if the class is full. Priority is always given to people who have booked a course.


      I have booked a course and now I am ill/on holiday/something has come up and I can't attend one or more sessions. Can I have a refund or roll my sessions over?

      As stated on each booking page of the website, directly above where you book, and also in the confirmation email which you receive when you book a course, due to limited space in class (maximum of 12 per session) once you have booked we cannot refund you nor can we roll your sessions over to the next week, because in taking the space you have stopped someone else who could attend from booking that slot. Please understand that as a business we would go bankrupt if we issued refunds/rolled the class over for everyone who didn't turn up to their booked session! PLEASE ENSURE YOU CAN ATTEND ALL SESSIONS BEFORE BOOKING TO AVOID LOSING YOUR SESSIONS!


      I'm not very fit. Can I still come to class?

      Absolutely! We all have to start somewhere! As long as you are not injured or have any health problems which will be affected by class then you are more than welcome!


      I'm pregnant. Can I come to class?

      No. Pregnancy is a time of huge changes for your body and is not a time to take up a strenuous activity. There are many classes suitable for pregnant women - pole is not one of them! You are welcome to attend 3 months after the birth of your baby - 6 months if you have given birth via caesarean.


      I'm male. Can I come to class?

      Certainly! As a male you will already have good upper body strength and will take to pole easily. I will need to have a quick chat with you via phone to assess which session will be best for you as men often have different aims and goals than women. Feel free to call me to discuss this.


      Can I come and watch a class?

      No. You can book a Taster session which is a one off class if you are unsure as to whether to book a course. We have a strict 'no spectator' policy at the studio. Our students come here to learn not to be watched by strangers!


      Are there any class rules?

      Indeed there are:

      • You must turn up on time for your class. If you miss the warm up you will be asked to sit out the session.
      • You must tell your instructor if there are any changes to your health that may affect you during class.
      • You must always be polite and supportive of your fellow students.
      • You MUST listen to the instructor. If they tell you you are not ready for a certain move this is for your own safety. Disregarding instruction may result in you being asked to leave class.
      • NEVER try a move you have seen elsewhere during class time. You may ask your instructor about it and they will help you achieve it IF YOU ARE READY FOR IT.



      Will I lose weight by coming to pole class?

      While pole is a brilliant cardiovascular and strength workout and coming to class once a week will certainly help improve your fitness levels, you won't see much change in your body if you are not active the rest of the week, eating processed foods and drinking alcohol! I can certainly give you a good workout during the hour you are with me, the rest of the week is in your hands! You can, of course, book in for more than one lesson a week, but again, if you are not eating correctly all your good work will be undone.

      Some of the benefits of Pole Dance Fitness classes are:

      • More agility and flexibility
      • Greater core strength
      • Increased overall strength and endurance
      • A fitter, healthier body
      • Increased body awareness
      • Increased confidence
      • Socialising with people who want to have fun - just like you!


      If you have any questions not covered here then please get in touch and ask.